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  • Rating: 5.7 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    They have tacos here. They have a deal where if you give them money they give you tacos!

    $.50 for extra cheese?

    always get the vegan on tomato with extra guac....mmmm

    The one in Ballard is way better.

    One word. Nasty.

    see your breath in the bathroom

  • Rating: 7.8 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Come hungry and thirsty and ready for a good time!

    Great service. Great people

    Gotta do the chocolate dipped bananas

  • Rating: 6.3 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Their uni, ankimo, amaebi and geoduck are the best in town! However don't forget to try their happy hour menu! Fried salmon skin salad is both crunchy & tasty.

    Talk to the itamae (chef) & ask for his suggestions. He'd pair up your sashimi w/ the complimenting garnish e.g. uni w/ Hawaiian seaweed. Cheaper than omakase, better than just ordering of the menu.

    If you go on the tenth of the month, for every 3 plates you got a coin to play. The prizes are free ice cream, matcha floats, tempura plates, sushi rolls, or toys.

    Really fresh and good quality sushi. During happy hour drinks are cheap. Also entrance is accessible through QFC.

    Happy hour everyday 1500 -1800 & 2000 - close. And for goodness' sake, refrain from ordering California roll.

    An $8 plate on a sushi belt may seem outrageous until you realize it's fresh and comparable in flavor to $12 rolls at a regular sushi bar. Maybe even better.

    Step outside your California rolls, order ankimo, shirako, geoduck, uni, kani miso soup, or fried salmon skin salad instead! #sashimi #amazingeats #seafood

    The sushi plates are big, so bring some friends to share with if you want to try a variety, otherwise you may fill up on two plates

    Get omakase. Chef Takahashi san will get you something delicious. Check out their special events too.

    Give their sake samplers a try or two. I found their nigori sake is so creamy and delicious!

    Great sashimi, great service. I'm definitely coming back. You have to try Kohada from Tokyo.

    Best sushi train I've ever had. Fresh tasting and delicious.

    Ask the chef to take care of the ordering. The eel left me incredulous. Wow.

    Best BBQ eel I ever had.

    Better than average conveyer belt sushi. Try what looks good :)

    Pretty good conveyor sushi. Free parking in QFC.

    Try something weird from the menu (Experience Aburi is a personal fav!)

    The ramen is on point. Broth is perfect.

    Get the sockeye Salmon! Seriously good.

    Spicy tuna and salmon is REALLY spicy!

    The salmon collar tempura is worth dreaming about.

    Great service. Some plates seem overpriced.

    Decent sushi, cheap happy hour drinks

    Akuma serves sushi here...

    Sashimi are not fresh. Also, rolls are low quality.

    The only thing I enjoyed was the crunchy California roll. It smells like fish in there which doesn't sound weird but it is. The sashimi is cut too long so hard to eat. If you are super adventurous go!

    Pretty meh. Expensive and not that fresh.

    The service here is terrible!

  • Rating: 8.6 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    The entrance is at Alaska and broad, but the park is located near the Terminal 86 Grain Facility and Myrtle Edwards Park.

    Nice view, fresh air and calm for a walk.

    In celebration of the centennial year (2011) the Port of Seattle's Elliott Bay Park was renamed Port of Seattle Centennial Park.

    Awesome place for a bike ride and a meditation session!

    Great for a run

    Trail ends abruptly on way to Magnolia.

    Now renamed Centennial Park

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